Cross the Street

My missionary friend Liz in Haiti, visiting with some women she works with. She answered the call to cross the street. (and yes they are standing on a street)

I’m going to guess if you’re reading this you have heard the story of the Good Samaritan found in Luke 10:30-37. If not, stop and read it, or the rest of this may not make much sense.

This is a bible story many of us have heard and heard and heard some more. Popular to teach to children, most of us have probably heard this story since a young age. And yet, there is a part of this story that tends to go unnoticed, or at least I don’t hear as a main part of the discussion. The part I am referring to is verse 34, which starts with this…

He went to him and bandaged his wounds.

The chain of events went something like this. The Samaritan saw the man, had pity on him, went to him, fixed his immediate need and then took him to get long term help.

The part that stuck out to me today was the HE WENT TO HIM. It seems that so many of us well meaning christians miss this part. We don’t go to people, we wait for them to come to us. Of course, this isn’t the case for every person, or every church, but it is certainly the case for far too many.

And yet, like the injured traveler, many of the hurting people that so desperately need what we have to offer in Christ, cannot come to us. Perhaps they are physically injured, or perhaps they are sex slaves or child slaves with no freedom to come and go as they please. Maybe they are so poor they can’t afford a meal much less a plane ticket. Or maybe they are emotionally broken, unable to muster up the courage to walk inside the doors of a church building.

Regardless of their circumstances, they have one thing in common, they need us to cross the street. Us, the ones that have the ability to cross the street, the ones that have the finances to cross the street, the ones that have knowledge and are not worried about where our next meal will come from or where we will sleep tonight. We are the ones God is telling to cross the street when he says “GO and make disciples of all nations.” True, going could mean across the globe or simply across your yard, the distance varies based on where He calls you, but the action does not, you must go.

Certainly going will mean interrupting your everyday life, the one in which you are comfortable, safe, and in control of (or at least you try to be). But God doesn’t call us to be in control, or comfortable, or even safe, He does call us to cross the street.

If you would like to delve further into this idea, let me recommend the book UNDAUNTED by Christine Caine. This is just a tiny part of what she talks about in this challenging and encouraging book. God is working. His global church is growing. Will you let Him use you to be a part of it? It won’t be easy, it won’t be comfortable, it may not even be safe, but it will be so totally worth it! I’m working on figuring out exactly what it looks like for me to “cross the street” in my life, let me encourage you to join me. So far it has led to some sleepless nights, some tears and a lot of prayers. But I am already captivated by the feeling of working for an eternal purpose instead of a selfish and temporary comfort.



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