God… #nolongerafan

Tis the season! College Football is about to crown a champion, the NFL playoffs are starting, NBA basketball and NHL hockey are in full swing ; locally boys and girls basketball is into the busiest time of their respective seasons, as are the wrestlers and hockey players. Yes, this is a great time of year to be a sports fan!

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It got me to thinking, fans can get pretty crazy can’t they? They like to get all dressed up to support their team. And not just their clothes mind you, they dress up their house with signs and banners, their cars with decals, even their coffee cups and facebook profiles. It seems there is nothing these days that you can’t find a sport team logo on. Fans talk about their team during the week, and on game-day you better believe they are in the stands. They organized their life around that event, they wouldn’t miss it, they are true fans!

Game-day comes and they sit in the crowd cheering wildly. Passionately urging their team to victory, while at the same time suggesting to officials how they may be better at their job. reftalk.jpgAfter the game, win or lose, they talk about it some more, and then look forward to the next time their team will play. When you are a true fan of a team, people know it.

I know a lot of fans. High school, college, pro’s, basketball, football, hockey, I know fans of lots of teams. Unfortunately, I also know a lot of people who are fans of God.

They get all dressed up, they wear the cross as a logo on their clothes, put up signs in their homes, even decals on their vehicles and post things to their wall on facebook. They talk about events at their church during the week, and on Sunday, you better believe you will find them sitting in the crowd (cheering wildly doesn’t apply to most of the fans I know, although I do know a few Pentacostal’s). They organize their lives around that Sunday event, they wouldn’t miss it, they are true fans!

So what’s the problem? The problem is a fan goes home after the game, and it really doesn’t affect the rest of their life. Yeah, maybe a conversation here or there, but nothing much.

That’s the difference between being a fan of God, and being a follower of God. A fan admires Him, but a follower is devoted to Him. A fan may redecorate their house, but a follower will remodel their house. A fan comes and goes while a follower never leaves. A fan will talk, a follower will do.

At first glance it seems very subtle, when in actuality it is the biggest of differences. I guess you could put it this way, God doesn’t want fans, He wants followers. I personally was a fan for a long time, I mean, He created the world and everything in it, how could I not be a fan? But now that I’m a follower, while I’m still in awe of Him, while I still sing His praises and cheer on the amazing things He does, I also know Him better. I don’t just know His “stats”, I actually know Him. I don’t just cheer for Him, I live for Him. Being a fan is ok for awhile, but being a part of the game, now that is where it’s at! How about you? Are you letting God drive, or just sticking a decal of Him on your back window while you drive away from church Sunday morning?Image result for fish decal on vehicle

Just to get you started…

Matthew 16:24-27

Matthew 25:31-46

Romans 8:31-38 (if you like winning, follow this team.)





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