Dear Christian,

Do you ever get the sense that we make this “Christian thing” harder than it needs to be? I mean, in a way, I get it. As christians we are basing both our present and our eternity on what we understand about God; who He is, who we are in relation to Him, how He would have us live our lives, etc. etc…


But look at the great lengths we go to so that we can “understand.” Oh my goodness the books that I’ve read. Books on marriage, being a good husband, being a good father, witnessing the right way, witnessing the wrong way, there are books on raising teenagers, church growth, spiritual growth, what it means to love, how much God loves me, books on how to spend my money, and books on the fact that it really isn’t MY money in the first place. All different authors, all giving their take on interpreting different parts of the Bible.

And how about sermons? In the last month I’ve listened to sermons in the church I attend weekly, I’ve listened to sermons on facebook live, iTunes, rightnow media and on a couple of church websites that archive sermons that are preached at their church each week. All different pastors, all sharing what they have learned from the scriptures.

Looking back over my life I’ve attended seminars hundreds, even thousands of miles away, gone to christian camps and attended a christian school. All of these places had a common theme, adults talking about God, and how knowing Him should impact my life.

And today as I was watching another video online, I just stopped. I had this thought pop into my head…”Why do I spend so much time listening to others tell me who God is? Why do I need to read so many books about other peoples relationship with Jesus, and their opinion on how I should live my life so I too can have the experiences they are having? Ultimately, why do I spend more time reading and listening to human authors, then I spend reading the inspired words of God, and talking to Him through prayer?”

My conclusion?  “I shouldn’t.” I have access to the Bible, the inspired Word of God. I need to treasure that more, if I treasured that fact more,

bible reading
I would spend more time reading it. As I think about it, I see how crazy it is to get that backwards. Its kinda like going to Steph Curry’s family get together, having a chance to visit with Steph, but instead stopping in the buffet line and asking his nephew if he could teach me how to shoot three-pointers.  It’s like having the opportunity to visit with Bill Gates any time I wanted, but instead calling his secretary to ask her opinion on how to run my business. I mean, he’s Steph Curry’s nephew, he has to know something about basketball, and she’s Bill Gate’s secretary, she must know some of the things that make him successful. But when I have access to the person, why go elsewhere? 


Perhaps another point of view, perhaps additional insight, perhaps. But my problem is when I go looking for that extra stuff, I tend to get caught up in it and let it take more of my time than I spend in the Word and in prayer, just me and God. Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly a place for being taught by others, but I think I need to spend a little less of my time listening to others talk about God, and a little more time talking to Him myself.


I think part of the reason my eyes were opened to this, was by watching my brothers and sisters in Christ in other areas of the world. They don’t spend so much time analyzing. They don’t have access to literature like I do, but they do treasure the scripture. They don’t need to be told fifty different ways to do what the Bible says to do. They simply read it, and do it. And you know what, God’s kingdom is growing in many of those areas like never before. No seminars, no christian book stores, no internet sermons. Just life transformation, even when it costs them their lives.

I guess it’s time to get back to the basics, and never, ever leave.

In case you would like to give the scripture to someone who doesn’t have multiple bibles sitting around their house, click here to find out how. And be encouraged, God’s Word is living and active and He is working!!


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